Selected International peer-reviewed publications in Breast cancer:

  1. Mohamed HT, El-Husseiny N, El-Ghonaimy EA, Ibrahim SA, Bazzi ZA, Cavallo-Medved D, Boffa MB, El-Shinawi M, Mohamed MM. IL-10 correlates with the expression of carboxypeptidase B2 and lymphovascular invasion in inflammatory breast cancer: The potential role of tumor infiltrated macrophages. Curr Probl Cancer. 2018 Jan 10. pii: S0147-0272(17)30120-4.
  2. Sabet, S.F., El-Sayed, S.K., Mohamed H.T., El-Shinawi, M. Mohamed, M.M.  Inflammatory breast cancer: High incidence of GCC haplotypes (-1082 A/G, -819 T/C, -592 A/C) in the IL-10 gene promoter correlates with over-expression of IL-10 in the carcinoma tissues. (2017),Tumor Biol.
  3. Ibrahim, S.A.,Gadalla, R., El-Ghonaimy, A.A., Samir, O., Mohamed, H.T., Hassan, H., Greve, B., El-Shinawi,M., Mohamed, M.M., Götte, M.   Syndecan-1 is a novel molecular marker for triple negative inflammatory breast cancer and modulates the cancer stem cell phenotype via the IL-6/STAT3 and Notch/EGFR axis signaling pathways. (2017) Mol Cancer, 16(1):57. PMID:28270211
  4. Hosny, M., Sabet,S., El-Shinawi, M., Gaafar, K.M., Mohamed, M.M.   Leptin is overexpressed in the tumor microenvironment of obese patients with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. (2017) Exp Ther Med. 2017 May;13(5):2235-2246
  5. Elghonaimy EA, Ibrahim SA, Youns A, Hussein Z, Nouh MA, El-Mamlouk T, El-Shinawi M, Mostafa Mohamed M. (2016) Secretome of tumor-associated leukocytes augment epithelial-mesenchymal transition in positive lymph node breast cancer patients via activation of EGFR/Tyr845 and NF-κB/p65 signaling pathway. Tumour Biol. 2016 Jun 22 DOI: 10.1007/s13277-016-5123-x PMID: 27329104.
  6. Sherif A. Ibrahim, Eslam A. El-Ghonaimy, Hebatallah Hassan, Noha MahanaMahmoud Abdelbaky Mahmoud, Tahani El-Mamlouk, Mohamed El-Shinawi, Mona M. Mohamed. Hormonal-receptor positive breast cancer: IL-6 augments invasion and lymph node metastasis via stimulating cathepsin B expression. JAR (2016) doi:10.1016/j.jare.2016.06.007.
  7. El-Shinawi M, Mohamed KO, Fouad YA, Fahmy YM, Asar HA, Khalil MG, Anestidou L, El-Kamary SS, Mohamed MM. Assessing the Awareness of Egyptian Medical Students about Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Ethics: Impact of an Educational Campaign. Account Res. 2016;23 (4):199-218. doi: 10.1080/08989621.2015.1127762. PMID: 26647065
  8. El-Shinawi M, Mohamed HT, Abdel-Fattah HH, Ibrahim SA, El-Halawany MS, Nouh MA, Schneider RJ, Mohamed MM.  Inflammatory and Non-inflammatory Breast Cancer: A Potential Role for Detection of Multiple Viral DNAs in Disease Progression. Ann Surg Oncol. 2016 Feb;23(2):494-502. doi: 10.1245/s10434-015-4888-2. PMID: 26508152
  9. El-Ghonaimy, E., El-Shinawi, M., Ibrahim, S., El-Ghazaly, H., Abd-El-Tawab, R., Nouh, M, El-Mamlouk, T, Mohamed, M.M. (2014) Positive lymph-node breast cancer patients: Activation of NF-κB in tumor associated leukocytes stimulates cytokines secretion that promotes metastasis via CC-chemokine receptor CCR7. FEBS J. 2014 Oct 18. doi: 10.1111/febs.13124. PMID:25327843
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  35. Ibrahim SA, Gadalla R, El-Ghonaimy EA, Samir OMohamed HTHassan HGreve BEl-Shinawi MMohamed MMGötte M. Syndecan-1 is a novel molecular marker for triple negative inflammatory breast cancer and modulates the cancer stem cell phenotype via the IL-6/STAT3, Notch and EGFR signaling pathways. Molecular Cancer. 2017;16:57. PMID:28270211


Selected International peer-reviewed Posters and Abstracs in Breast cancer :

1- Sherif A. Ibrahim, Eslam A. El-Ghonaimy, Mohamed El-Shinawi, Medhat S. El-Halawany, M. Akram Nouh, Tahani El-Mamlouk, Bonnie F. Sloane, Mona Mostafa Mohamed . “MCP-1/CCL2 and IL-8 regulate proteolytic activity of triple negative inflammatory breast cancer via cathepsin B, ERK1/2, JAK1 and Src signaling pathway “AACR annual meeting April 18 – 22, 2015, Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2- Hossam taha Mohamed, Hadeer Hesham Abdel Fattah, Mohamed El-Shinawi, Sherif Abdelaziz Ibrahim, Medhat S. El-Halawany, Hesham El Ghazaly, Robert Schneider, Mona Mohamed “Inflammatory breast cancer: Mixed viral infections within carcinoma tissues and the expression of Ki-67 proliferation marker” ASCO Annual Meeting (May 29 – June 2, 2015) McCormic place, Chicago, Illinois.

3- Mohamed, M.M., El-Ghonaimy, E.A., Nouh, M.A., Schneider, R.J., Sloane, B.F.,   El-Shinawi, M. (2013) Cytokines secreted by macrophages isolated from tumor microenvironment of inflammatory breast cancer patients possess chemotactic properties Third AACR International Conference on Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research, September 18-22, 2013 National Harber, Maryland, USA.

4- Mohamed, H.T., El-Shinawi, M., El-Ghonaimy, E.A. Bashtar, A., Abdel-salam, T.S. Schneider, R.F., Mohamed, M.M. (2013) Detection of different genotypes of Human Cytomegalovirus in breast cancer patients, AACR Annual Meeting, April 6-10, 2013, Washington, DC, USA.

5- El-Ghonaimy, E.A., El-Shinawi, M., El-Mamlouk, T., Abd-El-Tawab, R., Sloane, B.F., Mohamed, M.M. (2012). Biological characterization of tumor-associated leukocytes in positive and negative lymph node breast cancer patients CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

6- Mohamed, M. M. (2011) Macrophage Infiltration and Cathepsin B Expression in the Tumor Microenvironment of Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patients Correlates with Lymph Node Metastasis. Oral presentation presented by Mr. Ayman Maher at The 5th Middle East Best of CTRC-AARC San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (Awarded prize of 3rd Best Abstracts presented).

7- El-Ghonaimy, E.A., El-Shinawi, M., Khalil, R.A., El-Mamlouk, T., Sloane B., F., Mohamed, M.M. Soluble mediators from tumor associated leukocytes stimulate Akt/PI3k signaling pathway in breast cancer cell lines at the 102nd AACR Annual Meeting 2011, April 2-6, 2011, Orlando, Florida , USA. (Awarded Scholar-in-Training Award).

8- El-Shinawi, M., Tantawy, M., Mostafa, A., Maher, M., Mohamed, M.M., Schneider, R.J. (2011) Human cytomegalovirus infection induces the expression of NF-κB/p65 in the tumor microenvironment of inflammatory breast cancer. AACR’s Tumor Microenvironment Complexity: Emerging Roles in Cancer Therapy Special Conference.

9- Mohamed, M.M., El-Shinawi, M., El-Ghonaimy, M., Nouh, M.M., Schneider, R.J., Sloane, B.F. (2011) Infiltrated macrophages and cytokines secreted by tumor draining macrophages potentiate motility of inflammatory breast cancer cells. AACR’s Tumor Microenvironment Complexity: Emerging Roles in Cancer Therapy Special Conference.

10- Sabet S.F., Mohamed, M.M., El-Shinawi M., Peng D., Nouh M.A., El-Rifai W. (2011) Hypermethylation and Downregulation of Glutathione Peroxidase-3 in Inflammatory Breast Carcinogenesis. CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

11- Hosny, M.H., Sabet, S.F., El-Shinawi, M., Mohamed, M.M. (2011) Sequencing analysis of trans-membrane domain of Caveolin-1 gene and expression profile of Caveolin-1 associated proteases in breast cancer patients. Presented in Breast–Gynecological International Cancer Conference (BGICC). 13-14 January, Cairo, Egypt

12- Mohamed M.M. (2010) Contribution of Tumor Microenvironment in Inflammatory Breast Cancer Progression. World Cancer Congress 2010 Tri-Breast Cancer Conference, April 25-27, 2010, Shanghai, China.

13- Mohamed, M.M., El-Shinawi, M., Nouh, A.M., Sloane, B.F. (2010) Macrophage infiltration and cathepsin B expression in the tumor microenvironment of inflammatory breast cancer patients correlates with lymph node metastasis Presented in Joint MRS-AACR Conference: Metastasis and the Tumor Microenvironment, Philadelphia, USA.

14- El-Shinawi, M., Abdelwahab S.F., Sobhy M., Nouh M. A., Mohamed M.M. and Sloane B.F.(2009) Capturing Cells Migrating from Breast Tumor Microenvironment: Innovative Surgical Approach Abstract presenteded in the 100th Annual meeting of the American Association for cancer research APRIL 18 – 22, 2009 Colorado convention center Denver, CO, USA.

15- Mohamed M.M., Dosescu, .J, Cavallo-Medved, D., Rudy, D., Sameni, M., Moin, K., Sloane B.F. (2008) Changes in protease expression and cytokine profiles of human monocytes in response to breast tumor cells. Advances in Cancer Research: From the Laboratory to the Clinic, Dead Sea, Jordan.

16- Mohamed, M.M., Cavallo-Medved, D., Dosescu, .J, Rudy, D., Sameni, M., Moin, K., Sloane, F.B. (2007) Interactions between human monocytic cells and human inflammatory breast cancer cells modulate expression of E-cadherin, caveolin-1 and a caveolae-associated protease, cathepsin B.         98th Annual meeting of the American Association for cancer research Los Angeles, CA, USA, 14th-18th April 2007

17- (2006). Active monocytes/macrophages enhance growth and invasion of breast carcinoma cells in vitro. 97th Annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Washington, D.C.

18- Mohamed M.M., Dosescu, J., Cavallo-Medved, D., Rudy, D., Sameni, M., Moin, K., Sloane B.F. (2006) Secretions of Breast Tumor Cells Activate the Proteolytic Pathways of Human Monocytes. P. 21 BioVision Alexandria 26-29 April 2006, Alexandria, Egypt.

19- Mohamed, M.M., Dosescu, J., Olive, M., Moin, K. and Sloane, B.F. (2006). The potential role of macrophages in breast cancer progression implies protease activation Association of Egyptian American Scholars 34th Annual International Conference

20- Mohamed M.M., Dosescu, .J, Cavallo-Medved, D., Rudy, D., Sameni, M., Moin, K., Sloane B.F. (2005) Secretions of Breast Tumor Cells Activate the Proteolytic Pathways of Human Monocytes. B16   AACR Special Conference in Cancer Research Cancer, Proteases, and the Tumor Microenvironment Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa Bonita Springs, Florida

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